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What the hairdressers say and What YOU say...

What the hairdressers say
  • Go straight or define your curls
  • Air dry and scrunch those waves—Give your hair a heat break
  • When you use a dryer, Crack Hair Fix® helps decrease blow-dry time
  • Use on dry hair to control extra crazy frizzies
  • Apply before pool or beach to protect from sun, Chlorine, and saltwater (Crack Hair Fix® helps protect hair color from Chlorine too)
  • Hair strength and elasticity will increase with regular use
  • Crack Hair Fix® reduces volume and smooths thick bulky hair
  • Crack Hair Fix® is lightweight so there's no build-up
  • Crack Hair Fix® works great on hair extensions
  • Crack Hair Fix® is for everyone—Men love it too!
What you say
  • I've been using this product since it first came out and still loving it!
  • I use it on my dry hair before flat ironing
  • It leaves my hair silky smooth with shine and no split ends
  • I ran out of regular conditioner while I was in the shower, combed in a small amount of Crack Hair Fix® and rinsed lightly. OMG, it works like a mask!
  • It's economical. No other styling product is needed. Crack Hair Fix® does it all
  • Yes ... it's the best-ever kids' de-tangler!


A little goes a long way! Don't overdose!

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